Are You Looking For Amazing Success In 2019? Here Are The Ten Steps For How To Be Successful and Achieve Your Passion In 2019

2019 is approaching, are you looking at making your dreams a reality in 2018?

Revisit 2018

Take the steps to be successful. In case you are not taking the right steps, you may either be afraid or repeat the same steps again.

Where are you now?

If your past may haunt you, it may be difficult for you to imagine success. Every day out of 60000 thoughts, 54000 thoughts are negative.

You may be overburdened with negative things and you keep on rehearsing same things over and over again.

Negativity attracts negativity and positivity attracts positivity.

Vibrate with a higher frequency of positive thoughts.

Now you have your Launchpad for success.


Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Let’s visualize the following things:

  • Visualise your success. See yourself enjoying and feel your feelings at that time.
  • What will the success create for you and the people around you?
  • What do you require to adapt to new circumstances? It might be an attitude, a way of dealing with things, some gains or losses.
  • Now think of how you will deal with the new responsibilities once you attain what you visualized.
  • Imagine your contribution to the society and what you will leave behind for the generations to imitate.


If you do not know where you want to go. Any road will lead you there. Imagining your success and your happiness will only work once you clearly define what you want. Be specific and do not say “I want success”.  Define your goals. Define what you want to achieve in 2018. List out all accomplishments you want to have in 2018. It may be related to your work, job, business or personal life. Define it.


What food is to the body, good thoughts are to the mind. Your mind needs positive thoughts to reach your goal.

Assume you are going to the interview. If you are very positive and motivated and assured of your success, you will commute to the interview location most fabulous way. You will have all positive self-talks with you. In case you are not sure of the outcome you will think all things like – why I am going for the interview? I do not have preparation? I lack the motivation. If you have these thoughts, very fewer chances are that, you may even reach the destination.


Define your core values in life. All values must be positive. You cannot achieve success demeaning others or taking the fruit of other’s hard work.

Define your honest and moral principles. Once you declare to yourself and the world, you command authority in the mind of others. You never know when someone can join or help you in your goal.


You are here because of someone. Your parents, teachers, and circumstance empowered you. Now it is your turn to empower someone. Be that person to provide empowerment to people. One act or service (Sewa) will light up your heart, inside out. The more you empower people, more you empower yourself.


To be successful in life, learn a new skill each day. Be the student of life. In order to learn to start teaching. Whatever you learn teach that. Teaching will make you learn. Utilize your skills and start teaching to people and masses.

7. BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS – Work on your action plan

Believe in your dream and yourself. Many times you think of asking A, B, C or D to decide whether you should go ahead. A may motivate you. B may demotivate you. C will motivate you and D might be neutral. Now what you do is delay your plan of action. The fruit of all visualization technique is your action plan. You may be motivated or lack confidence goes ahead and plants your seeds. Once you achieve milestones, your confidence and motivation will leap jump


You might have been hearing for long that you love doing many things at a time. You believe that the successful people are the multi-taskers. Partially you are true. All multitaskers do many things but they focus on one thing at a time. One act, one task was given 100 percent leads to successful accomplishment.


Your passion is like the thread of the candle. Without thread, the candle will not burn and has no meaning. Find your thread and keep burning. Everyone has a passion for something. In case you do not know your true passion. Find out the ways and means to uncover your passion. Your passion is everything in this life that will keep you alive.


Consistency is the key. Keep tilling your land and sowing the seeds each day. One day your seeds will become plants and plants will become trees. An action a day for your goal will give you all above-mentioned ingredients. Your action will keep you motivated. Help you keep your goal alive. It will motivate you to empower people and teach and you will only believe but live your dreams.


Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Said “Dream Dream Dream. Thoughts convert into action and action converts into reality.”

Keep visualizing your success.

Bruce Lee – Actor, director, and martial arts instructor was the most influential person of the 20th Century.  At the age of 21, he was living in a small basement room. At the age of 32, he had in his possession $10,000,000.

He wrote a letter to himself in 1970  – I will achieve world fame and from then onwards until the end of 1980, I will have in my possession $10,000,000. I will live the way I please and achieve inner harmony and happiness.

Find and live your passion. You will have what your desire. You will even have what you have visualized. Become your Bruce Lee. Become yourself.

I hope this article might have inspired you to success.

Feel free to share your comments in the comment box, share the article with other people and empower them.

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