What Is The Best Answer For Reason For Job Change In Interview?

A Hiring Manager anywhere is always curious about knowing from you, why do you want to change your job?

He wants to find out – are you leaving the job for the right reasons? Even if you are leaving the job for the wrong reasons, what you give as an answer to job change matters a lot.

What are the right reasons?

Let’s first understand what are the wrong reasons.

Following are the wrong reasons no hiring manager would like to hear:

“I am Leaving my previous employer because I am unable to perform under pressure.”

“I am having difficulty working relationships in the workplace.”

“I do not like my present boss.”

“My present Organisation is unable to give me a sufficient raise in salary that I desire.”

“I am changing the job because I do not stick to any job for more than few months.”

“I hate my present job, work and looking for enriching opportunity.”

“I want to move on because I didn’t get the raise in salary as expected.”

“I want to try out something new for fun.”

“There is a lot of internal politics in my present organisation and I am unable to bear that.”

“To honest HR policies are not sound in my present organisation.”

“The travel time to office is too much and I want my office to be just in a walking distance.”

Even if you have one or more of the real reasons mentioned above, none of the hiring managers will be impressed with such reasons.

All the above-mentioned reasons will go against your selection in Job.

You might have thoughts in mind “I am stating the Truth”.

Let me ask you a question. Change the situation now and think of yourself as an Interviewer.

“Would you like to hire someone who has stated any of the above-mentioned reasons?”

Just think for a second and answer yourself. If your answer is no, let’s go ahead.

Here are some thoughts for you to bring out the real answer for a Job change.

Can you think of a reason that is really positive for Job Change?

Are you looking at advancing your Career?

What is the Positive outcome of the work in your current Job that is serving as a trigger for the job change?

The ideal right answer should justify your working in the previous organisation followed by your interest in the new employer.

It is always said, “Read and study about the new Employer”. This research will give you insights about the striking point where the new opportunity and employer matches.

Before going for the interview, make a list of all the positives that you have in the current organisation that are genuine. You will talk about the positive things of the previous organisation, followed by the new opportunity.

What is something that is missing in the current organization and new opportunity is offering me that? Think and answer.

Asses the real reasons for your job change. Those reasons could be:

  1. To learn more in the given field.
  2. Want to take more responsibilities to grow in career.
  3. Need some fewer responsibilities for time being.
  4. The desire to relocate to another city because of some personal reasons.
  5. Want to gain a new skill.
  6. Prefer shorter commute time to work.
  7. Really need to maintain a work-life balance.

Based upon your reason here are some answers that could serve as one of the best reasons for job change:

1. To learn more in the given field

“My present organisation has entrusted me with a lot of challenging work opportunities that helped me to grow mentally and professionally. As your organization is the leader (better/best) in the domain, I want to learn and add more to my current skills.”

“I am interested in learning more and add new learnings to my current skills. The job opportunity in your organization is serving an opportunity to leverage my current areas of expertise and increase my skills.”

2. Want to take more responsibilities to grow in career

“My current organisation has imparted managerial capabilities / (A lot of Skills)  in me but the growth is limited as the company is relatively small. I am looking for an opportunity, where I can take more responsibilities. The current opportunity sounds promising in that direction and I am keen to go ahead.”

3. Need some fewer responsibilities for the time being

“My existing organisation has provided me with a lot of opportunities to grow as a person personally and professionally. I have been enjoying a lot of challenging work. As the upcoming role is focusing more on a particular domain only, this sounds good for future and career.”

4. The desire to relocate to another city because of some personal reasons

“The current organisation has taught me many things and helped to grow professionally in Career. As the upcoming opportunity in your organization is close to my place (Home  / Native place / Desired City), I would be excited to go ahead with the new assignment.”

5. Want to gain a new skill

“I have been working in the current domain for quite a long period of time and enjoyed the challenging tasks. This has helped me to grow professionally. Now as the new opportunity in your organization is working on new technology, I would like to gain mastery over this new skill and progress ahead.”

6. Prefer shorter commute time to work

“I am having really great experience in the current organisation but the travel time towards office is more. As the new opportunity in your organisation is demanding fewer travel hours, I will be able to concentrate more on work. This will improve my productivity and I would like to go ahead and join the organisation.”

7. Need to maintain a work-life balance

“This job has been a great experience but due to challenging and demanding work hours, I am unable to maintain my work-life Balance. With shorter work hours, your opportunity looks promising to me, as I will be able to better maintain my work-life balance.”


There will never be one ready made best answer for your desired situation and opportunity.

To arrive at the best answer for reason for a job change, look at what positives you have seen in your organisation and its correlation with the upcoming opportunity.

Try to capture the gaps new upcoming opportunity will fill in your career and life.

If you combine both the things, you will have one decent good answer that will help you convince your Hiring Manager and will land you at the job.

Feel free to come up with suggestions and questions.

I am waiting for your feedback.

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